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2 minutes to midnight


aces high


another life


brave new world


bring your daughter. To the slaughter


charlotte the harlot


can I play with madness


different world


evil that men do


flight of icarus


from here to eternity




hallowed be thy name


holy smoke


infinite dreams


iron maiden


lord of the flies


man on the edge


number of the beast


out of the silent planet


running free


run to the hills




the angel and the gambler


the final frontier


the reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg


the trooper


the wicker man


wasted years


women in uniform




Iron Maiden women in uniform lyrics

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Beehive hairdo, 45 on the hip
Patrolwoman Saunders, don't you give her no lip
Took me to the station for a breath-test
then back to her bedroom for some house-arrest
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Women in uniform, sometimes they look so cold
Women in uniform, but, Oh! They feel so warm
Coming back to London on a 747
Stewardess made me feel like I'm in heaven
Looking up the aisle to see what I could see
She leaned over said; Give it to me
White apron, brown leather shoes
The nurse at the clinic left my heart all bruised
Gave me a massage, thinking all-right
Now she takes my temperature every night
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(Repeat chorus)
Iron Maiden discography albums songs wallpaper biography
Women in uniform, Women in uniform
Women in uniform, Women in uniform
Commando raid on the Lebanese border
Sergeant Anita, she gives the order
Khaki jacket and a love gun
Baby, I surrender, let's have some fun

(Repeat chorus)
(Repeat chorus)

Women in uniform, Women in uniform
Women in uniform, Women in uniform
Women in uniform, Khaki, white and blue
Women in uniform, coming after you
Women, women, Women in uniform
Women, women, Women in uniform

(Repeat chorus (fading away))

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